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Maya is a myth present in almost all cultures. In the West he always referred to the spring rebirth. In the East, to the illusion, to the veil that must be torn to reach the Truth.  

In Venice, La Maya was just an abandoned sailboat from the 60s, closely linked to the history of the city, whose sail was already torn: it would end up demolished like most artisanal boats, a primitive cultural pillar.

Unless ... someone wanted to give him back a happy second life in the key of love (and humor).

And it is that when the artist Irene García-Inés arrives to participate in the Biennial of Art (2011), she discovers such a collapse of the Venetian cultural idiosyncrasy, and such disconnection of the public art fair with those realities of those who finance it, who do not hesitates to find a floating platform on which to give artistic representation to Venice and its problems. Buy the Maya for € 600 to access the Biennial like a Trojan horse.

What he did not expect was that the neighbors would get to work to help restore the ship and transform it into that pirate flag.

From there, the stela of Maya brings together in an almost magical way a mosaic of protagonists, arts, crafts, treasures and events of Venetian popular history that end up turning it into a laboratory of art and debate on the local communities, their habitat and your heritage.

And like so many other places in the world are affected by the same current phenomena as Venice, Maya now travels to them with the mission of helping to refloat its essence and thus recover our Mediterranean cultural sovereignty.

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